Tuesday, 13 November 2018

not quite long ago we went to camp to learn some out door education it was fun we learnt a lot of cool stuff there was kayaks and obstacle courses it was fun


  1. Kia Ora my name is Nuradiin and i'm from room 18 Owairaka District School. I really liked your blog post about camp. I remembered when I went camp. have you tried writing more fun thing you did at camp

  2. Kia Ora,
    My name is VJ and I am in Room 23 at Owairaka District School. I also enjoyed Camp as well. I liked the Kayak's cause it was nice and calm. I also enjoyed the Water Slide. What was your favourtite activity for camp?

    Blog you later!

  3. Kia ora,
    hi my name is Taito from room seven it was cool at camp there were so much activities to do i enjoyed the water the best! yeah it was i wanna go back again
    blog you later alligator