Thursday, 18 October 2018

In Room 25 we have been learn how to play roll the dice first if you roll the dice  you get a random character that has a problem for example  grumpy bear at a place like a lake or a magical castle for example and last  it found a unlucky penny or lost its memory or got lost in space

now i am going to see what i get and write about it

Character: fire-breathing dragon
Setting: hot desert
Problem: gets separated from his friend

once upon a time there was a dragon who lived by a volcano.He had a friend call Jojo Siwa .They got separate.And Momo Siwa the fire breathing dragon went to the hot sweaty boiling desert.He loved burnin` cactus with her fire breathing breath that was her hobby.Then Jojo Siwa came to Momo Siwa and said your so mean you broke my scale every day it reads my phone number . I am going have you as a roast, Momo Siwa and it is going to be to night to night . Momo Siwa said are you sure ya cant, ya to weak im not your freind for a million years.